The Lexon Æternity Token, LÆX, provides access to the Lexon compiler.

You can get token sponsorship from your school, firm, or Lexon workshop lead.

You can also purchase your own tokens.

Read the Whitepaper.

The token can be purchased for Æ coins.


The token functions as prepaid voucher for the online compiler.

It buys one translation of a Lexon text of arbitrary length into the Æternity blockchain language Sophia.

The token is AEX-9-compatible* and easily accessible through AEX-9-compatible wallets like AirGap and Superhero.

* Read more on the Token Standard AEX-9.

Use & Transactions

LÆX tokens can immediately be used with the compiler.

Tokens can be transferred between accounts using AEX-9-compatible Æternity wallets.

Note that per design, other specific token mechanisms – e.g., use for the compiler and AEX-9 approvals – can move tokens, even if in cold storage.

Do not use Superhero Multi-Sig Vaults.

Check out the Superhero Wallet.

Bonding Curve

The sales price for Lexon Æternity Tokens increases with the amount of tokens issued.

This serves as load protection for the online compiler.

The supply is capped at 100 million tokens. Tokens that return to us don't count toward the issued total and are resold by us.

The sale can be paused, effecting a temporary soft cap.

Some resulting price points are as follows. E.g., at exactly 10 million tokens issued, the price for the next token is 0.4 Æ.

Check out the current price of LÆX.

Current Price

The current price for 1 LÆX, is .

However, you may benefit from discounts. Your personal price is displayed below when you connect your wallet.

The price shown is the price for the next token sold. You can query the total price for a planned purchase, e.g., how many tokens you would receive for 100 Æ.

How To Get LÆX Tokens

1. Buy Æ Coins at MEXC or Gate.io.

2. Use a computer (not a phone) and install the Superhero wallet.

3. Buy LÆX for Æ:

See the LÆX whitepaper for more information.

Effective Rebate

For an individual purchase, ten price points are established to calculate the total price.

This effects a rebate, the steeper the higher the amount purchased.

It can therefore at any point be more economic to buy in one transaction, instead of spreading a purchase across multiple transactions.

See the LÆX whitepaper for more information.



First-time visitors have 10 compilations free. A purchase of tokens is offered automatically after the 10th compiler run.

Professors and students of law, computer sciences, linguistics, political sciences, philosophy and related fields can apply for a discount at https://lexon.org/faculty.

Learn more about Writing Lexon.

Be the first to know.

Special discounts for early birds & frequent flyer miles.

Lexon starts now. The bonding curve invites everyone to get a good supply of Lexon compile time vouchers early.

But there is more. You can register for discounts, receive awards and badges as proof that you are a pioneer.

And every interaction, every learning, is rewarded with miles that give additional discounts when you decide to buy compile time later.

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